VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - July 17-21, 2023


        Monday through Friday, July 17-21, 2023.
        We had a beautiful week under the big tent for worship and Bible study and under the small tent for arts and crafts. Thank you to Marsha for leading games in the front yard.
        Every day we focused on different ways that God restores and cares for us. We learned that we can also restore and mend each other, too. Thank you to Pastor Linda and Judy for leading Bible studies.
        The kids were very enthusiastic about making placemats for the Meals on Wheels clients.
        At arts and crafts, they listened well and followed directions very well. A favorite project was making bird seed feeders. Wild Birds Unlimited donated a big bag of birdseed. Thank you to Sandy, Helen, and Luanne for leading the arts and crafts.
        We concluded each day with a skit and closing prayers in the sanctuary. The fresh-squeezed mouthwatering lemonade stand was a funny and great reminder to feed, heal, forgive, pray, and rest. Thank you to Marsha and Darlene for leading the skits.
        Hope to see everyone again next summer!

Vacation Bible School 2022

        Tree of Healing
        Healing for me,
        Healing for you
        Healing for all plants and trees.
        Healing for ground,
        healing for water
        Healing for all nations of earth.
        We had a lovely week with children from our community and their friends. We knew it would be a small group; we were thrilled with how marvelous they were!
        Our curriculum this year was inspired by the description of the new heaven and the new earth, especially Revelation 22: 2. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. Everyday we learned about a different kind of healing and how we can be part of God’s healing for people, the planet and the nations.
        The offering was designated for the Global Farm Challenge– ELCA World Hunger Appeal. This will support agriculture projects in the US and around the world. VBS students, families, teachers and friends of Emmanuel have contributed over $800. This includes money for supplies. Once the final count for offerings and the final figures for supplies have been calculated, we expect to provide over $700 for community gardens, seeds and equipment for new gardeners who need vegetables and new friends.
        The 2022 VBS team leadership team was Marsha Kennedy, Sandy Loughery, Judy Mayhood, Darlene Neill, Ed Loughery, Pastor Dennis Orsen Luanne Russell, Helen Williams, Will Navari and Pastor Linda Theophilus.
        Thank you also to our neighbor Rich who provided the art tent, and to the tent installers: Pastor Dennis, Will Navari, Rich, Pastor Linda and Derrick & Alijah Huntchinson.
        The beautiful new banner in the sanctuary was a VBS project led by Darlene Neill. The leaves on the tree are the hands of the students and teachers.






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